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Long Mint

At you never know what you are going to find the sexy Chinese ladyboy star of the show, Mint, wearing and you never know what she's going to be doing. I love watching her dress up in her favorite outfits though and playing into a fantasy.

Mint looks so awesome in her naughty school girl outfit. I think it is one of my favorites. She's so cute that she can totally play into the innocent school girl routine. But, of course, we know she is anything but that! She's naughty and raunchy and she's got some equipment that no other school girl has! She has a beautiful, hard 9 inch cock!

Whatever she's wearing at the beginning of a fantasy doesn't stay on long and that goes for her cute little plaid skirt and pretty white panties. Soon she's down to her thigh high stockings and slutty high heels and this Chinese ladyboy has her cock in her hands doing what she does best wanking off! If you think this is a hot picture gallery then imagine what is in the members section it only gets hotter in there!

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LadyBoy 69

At, the Candyman is the Chinese ladyboys favorite stud. They all love cock but when it comes to his fat, thick dick they are practically standing in line and begging to get their share of it! And Liccy is no different. She's been waiting quite awhile for her turn and now that it is here she's not going to waste a moment of time.

Liccy just can't wait to get that thick piece of man meat into her hot little mouth. And she really has to force that tool to the back of her throat it is that thick! Once she has had a taste of it though she wants the main course and the Candyman knows just what she needs. He lays back so she can straddle his body and she slides that fat knob right into her tight little tranny ass. And once she gets started she just can't stop! She rides him hard until he can't take it anymore. He throws her onto her knees and pounds that ladyboy ass until she is screaming in ecstasy!

When he is finally ready to explode, Liccy gets down on her knees so she can catch every last drop of his tasty cum! If you like these mini-clips you'll love what the members get to see. It's only the best high definition movies for members!

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